Truth Be Told: How Spirit Can Use Us Even During the Darkest Times

here i stand in front of you 2

I came across something I wrote almost 9 years ago while my husband Michael and I were just beginning a battle with evil that would last almost 5 years.

The fight almost killed both of us, physically and spiritually.

We learned how truly evil people can be, and how they will lie, and continue to lie, even when there is a mountain of evidence proving that they are not telling the truth.

Witnessing evil up close opened our eyes to a world that we didn’t know existed.

But this experience gave us some very valuable information that turned into the “Understanding Evil Energy” section of THE SPIRIT FACTOR, which is one of the most important parts of the book and the one I get the most comments on from readers.

This experience also gave me one of the favorite poems I’ve ever written: Truth Be Told.

Below is what I wrote nine years ago when this poem came to me.

While I wrote this in 2010, it’s surprising that it seems even more relevant today.

Here it is:

— I don’t hate many things, but there is one thing I do hate—liars.

I’m amazed how they can look us in the eyes and say something they know is not true, expecting us to believe them, and how angry they get when we have the “nerve” to call them out and question them.

Their anger is a coward’s way of trying to intimidate us into submission so we don’t dare question them again.

These insecure bullies waste our time, energy, and money, cause suffering and harm, keep us at war with each other, and hold back progress and the evolution of our species.

Because of the craziness that’s going on in the world and around me right now, liars and, most importantly, the truth, have been on my mind.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the truth is always there, even when we ignore it, try to look around it, or pretend that it’s not, and how lonely the truth must be.

We can’t change the truth, deny it, or claim that it’s ours, so why do we try to?

With all this on my mind lately, it was no surprise that I woke up at 3:00 am the other night with words swirling around in my head.

Liars and truth were on my mind when I went to bed, and I must have carried them into my dreams because when I woke up, I not only heard but also saw the words “Truth Be Told.”

I knew this was the title of a poem I would be writing, I just didn’t know I would be writing it at that moment.

I tried to go back to sleep, but the words in my head started turning into sentences.

The first complete sentence was: Here I stand in front of you, waiting to be told.

I knew I was hearing truth’s voice.

And I knew it was giving me an important message that needed to be told.

But, to be honest, I wanted to stay in bed.

I was tired, it was cold in the house, and our bed was warm.

I told myself to remember the words that were coming to me so I could write them down in the morning.

But truth was having none of it!

The words kept coming, and before I knew it, I was sitting at our dining room table with a notepad and pen jotting down the words that were coming to me faster than I could write them down.

I felt as though truth had pulled me out of bed, put my feet on the floor, walked me to the table, and said, “Write!”

So I wrote for the next hour.

During that time, I heard words and saw images.

One of the clearest images was of a person I did not recognize sitting in a chair, their hands bound and and a piece of twisted up fabric in their mouth that was tied at the back of their head.

This image gave me these words: Held hostage, bound and gagged, waiting to hear my fate. Hoping you pay my ransom before it’s much, much too late.

It was one of those moments that we creative people live for; when we get out of the way and spirit takes over.

It no longer mattered that it was 3:00 am or that I was tired and cold.

I was in the creative flow and it felt amazing!

I was buzzing with creativity for that hour then it quickly faded.

Truth was done talking to me.

The energy changed, and I was ready to go back to bed.

Before I did, I looked at the poem on the notepad in front of me with complete amazement.

The three words that woke me at 3:00 am had turned into a complete thought and a finished poem in an hour.

Truth spoke, and I listened.

I tippie toed back into our bedroom, doing my best to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake Michael and our two dogs.

But as I slipped into bed, Michael woke up and asked if I was okay.

I told him I was, and that I had just written a poem.

He said, “Great! I can’t wait to hear it!”

When I started to recite the poem to him, he said, “I meant in the morning.”

I tried to sleep for a few more hours but wasn’t successful.

I was so excited about the poem, the amazing experience I had writing it, and the moment I would get to share it with Michael that I barely slept a wink.

Here is the poem:

Truth Be Told

Here I stand in front of you, waiting to be told
Longing for the moment that you look inside my soul

Lost between two sides and promises never meant to keep
Treated like an outcast, like a beggar in the street

Held hostage, bound and gagged, waiting to hear my fate
Hoping you pay my ransom before it’s much, much too late

I’m lonely hear, alone, standing in what’s right
Growing weary of the battle, I feel I might be losing this fight

You think I haven’t noticed that you won’t look me in the eyes
But when you lie to truth, I will never take your side

Even when denied, I will never go away
Here I stand in front of you, and that’s where I plan to stay

So patiently I’ll wait for you to fall in love with me again
For I am the one, the only one, that matters in the end —

Below are the pages from my notebook from the night I wrote Truth Be Told

truth be told notes from book

This poem and the “Understanding Evil Energy” section of THE SPIRIT FACTOR are perfect examples of how spirit can inspire and use us to create something meaningful and valuable, even during the darkest times.

We just have to be willing to participate.

I am! Are you?

Marie Kukula-Tyner

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is a completely new and revolutionary philosophy — based on the simplicity, intelligence, and wisdom of nature — that provides us the tools to tap into the limitless potential of the human spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR helps you identify, understand, and remove the eleven most-common obstructions to spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.



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