What’s Waiting for Us On the Other Side of A Goodbye?

20190708_163243_HDRThe logging project on our property I wrote about in my last post is done and the final piece of equipment was removed last week. I have to tell you, it was harder than I expected but not in the ways I thought it would be.

I knew watching our beloved trees being cut down one by one would be challenging, especially my favorite tree I’m standing next to in the picture. But the level of disruption to our lives caused by the army of machines required for the project was a surprise to Michael and me.

The noise and vibration from the massive machines that fired up at 5:00 am each day and rumbled around for 8 hours obliterating everything in their paths was disturbing, and felt like an assault to all of us, including nature, who live on our usually peaceful property.

Our dog Amber stayed close to me, panting a lot, and didn’t devour her meals as she usually does.

The tiny birds that have a nest above the porch light on our back deck and the family of robins who have a nest in the vine on the east side of our house stayed close to their nests, making sure their babies where safe while the machines were running.

A few deer wandered our property but didn’t bring their fawns with them, instinctively knowing that they would have a difficult time navigating the obstacle course of deep ruts made by the machines and tree limbs and other debris that now cover our property.

It looks like a tornado swept through our ten acres, and I’m finding it hard not to get overwhelmed with the amount of clean up Michael and I now have to do.

But there are a lot of positive things that came from the logging project that I didn’t expect either. So let me go through them:

– Removing many of the big trees has completely transformed our property and our home! It feels like a different property, bigger and more alive, giving it a new identity that is more in line with who we are and how we use our inside and outside spaces.

– The inside of our house has always seemed dark, especially during the short days of the winter months but also during the warmer months. Now, with the many tall trees that once encircled and shaded our house gone, the early-morning sunrises to the late-night sunsets this time of year in the Pacific Northwest brighten up every room in our home, making it so bright that sunglasses are almost needed when I’m doing the dishes in our kitchen.

– The sky seems so expansive over our property now since it is no longer blocked from our view in many areas by trees, making it easier for us to see the sun and the moon and the stars … and even the rainbows that created a work of art on the sky’s canvas the other night just before dark.

– We now have more of a breeze on our property, and it finds its way through our open windows making the sheer curtains in our living and dining rooms gently flutter as it does. The air feels fresher and the energy more alive all around us.

– Our garden that was deprived of morning and late afternoon sun by tall trees now gets full sun almost the entire day. This additional daily sun has transformed our garden in less than a week, the plants all going through amazing growth spurts as they drink in the abundance of warmth and light that gives them life and the ability to produce vegetables that nourish our bodies.

– We discovered a crabapple tree in our pasture that we didn’t even know was there for 14 years because it was hidden in a group of pine trees. The loggers took great care not to disturb it has they removed the trees around it.

– We now have a stunning view of the beautiful mountain behind Deer Lake that we knew was there but didn’t know could be seen so clearly from our property.

– In addition to the changes we experienced, one of our neighbors told us that it was like someone turned on the lights in their house when the trees on our property that blocked their morning sun were removed.

While the above changes were visible and tangible, the most unexpected and significant change for Michael and me is an intangible one.

We had not realized that the many tall trees were literally and figuratively blocking the flow of energy on our property and in us.

As the trees grew taller over the years, the energy became stagnant and still in and around us. In the week since we’ve had many of them removed, we’ve realized how deeply this affected us on an energetic, emotional, and physical level, holding us back from moving forward on new projects and making it hard to transition to the new life we want to live teaching THE SPIRIT FACTOR philosophy.

The disruption on our property from the logging project shook things up in ways that continue to amaze and inspire me, opening up the flow of energy to new possibilities.

As the particles continue to settle around us, finding their new places in their changed environment, and nature feels safe in returning and moving around our property, I’m excited to see what effect this change will continue to have on us, our goals, and nature as we all adjust and adapt to our new environment.

As I was writing this post, I was happy to see a tiny fawn just outside my office window curiously exploring the new lay of our land.

And last Sunday, I took great joy in watching the two baby birds from the nest on our porch light learning to fly, bravely going from their nest to the edge of the deck to the branches of a pine tree just a short distance away then back again, while a group of mama turkeys used the turned up ground left behind by the machines to teach their 15 chicks how to look for bugs.

Michael and I had no idea all the positive things that were waiting for us on the other side of the very hard “goodbye” we had to say to all the trees before they were cut down, nor did we realize the chain reaction of change that would take place when the trees were gone.

This has made me think about all the good that is waiting for each of us on the “other side of a goodbye” that we know we need to say but haven’t had the courage to do.

A goodbye to an unfulfilling job or toxic relationship.

A goodbye to a city that is noisy, crowded, and unhealthy.

A goodbye to people who don’t support us or who are abusive.

A goodbye to antiquated ways of thinking and doing things.

A goodbye to a routine that keeps us in a perpetual state of sameness … and so much more.

We all have “goodbyes” we need to say in some aspect of our lives that we have not done because of what we feel we will lose.

But maybe, just maybe, if we begin to imagine what’s waiting for us on the other side of those goodbyes, we might find the strength and courage to say them and begin to truly transform our lives and the world.

#personaltransformation #creatingbetterlives

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