I Auditioned for AGT!

I AUDITIONED FOR AGT! America’s Got Talent just emailed me this graphic to share on social media so I am!

On Saturday, January 22nd, 2022, at 2:00 pm, I auditioned via Zoom from our dining room for one of the show’s producers. There were around 10 other people in my group auditioning and we each got 90 seconds to perform. We got to watch each other’s auditions and cheer each other on. It was really fun!

I would love to make it to the live auditions in front of the judges in L.A., so send some good vibes my way! I feel if I get the chance that I will win!

If you haven’t watched the video of the poem I auditioned with, I’ve provided a link below. I would appreciate if you would “like” and share the video, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel Tyner Creative.


Keep dreaming BIG!

Marie Kukula-Tyner

#AGT #americasgottalent

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