One of My Poems for World Poetry Day

It’s World Poetry Day so I thought I’d share a poem I wrote years ago. I was reminded of this poem on Saturday, when I went out for a short walk on the forest trail by our home, and, when I saw that most of the snow had melted on the path, I ended up hiking all the way up to the mountaintop where I wrote it.

I Have Been to the Mountaintop

The sound of my footsteps upon the earth brings me back in rhythm with nature

I breathe in the truth and exhale out the lies the world has tried to make me believe

Pine trees near and far watch over me, keeping me safe in their endless embrace

The voice of the wind reminds me of what’s real. I listen

The world below has no access to me here. I am safe for now

I am free to be me. The sky never judges

Reaching the mountaintop, I stand on its edge and see things from the perspective of oneness

The potential and possibilities of a connected universe are real, and they wait patiently to be brought into existence by the willing

All who make the journey here will live in this place for a moment, then long for it every day

Those who don’t will never understand or believe those who have … and they will judge them as wrong as they cling to their safety and sameness

But things change. Nature evolves us no matter how hard we try to deny it or fight against it

And as more and more people bravely journey to the mountaintop, antiquated thoughts and ideas will die

I have been to the mountaintop, and I know that life always moves in the direction of life, and only because of the trickery of man will it choose anything else

Nature never lies. Even with all its abilities, this is not a possibility

It cannot be convinced to believe or do anything other than the truth

Unlike man, it cannot be fooled

It knows better. Why don’t we?

Marie Kukula-Tyner

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