Change Is Hard… But that Shouldn’t Stop Us from Making Changes in Our Lives

20190707_144022_HDR (1)Yesterday my husband Michael and I walked our 10-acre property saying goodbye to many of the beautiful tall pine trees that cover most of it. You see, we made a decision to have our property logged for the health of the forest, fire safety, and to protect our home from trees that could fall on it.

My head absolutely knows that it’s the right thing to do.

But this morning, when a ginormous, scary machine rolled on to our property at 7:00 a.m., I started to panic and second-guess our decision.

OMG! I thought. So many of our beautiful trees are going to be cut down and our property is going to look so different! YIKES! I’m not ready for this!

My heart hurt as I felt the loss of the trees before a single one was cut down.

I love the trees on our property, and have enjoyed watching them grow tall and strong over the 14 years we’ve lived here. Their presence makes me feel protected and safe, somehow buffering the harshness of the world outside our property lines.

Their beauty awes me, especially when their branches are weighted down with freshly fallen snow or when they dance in the breeze.

I love the shade they’ve provided for us and how the deer rest beneath them on hot summer days and find safety in them from the weather on stormy days.

But so many of these trees are now too tall and pose a risk to our safety and our home.

Knowing this should make the process easier, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t, at least not for me.

While Michael is at peace with it, I’m struggling as I listen to the machines outside cutting the trees down then hearing the big thud they make as they hit the ground, and the rumbling of the huge tractor dragging the trees to our pasture area where another huge, loud machine strips them of their branches and bark before cutting them into smaller pieces.

It’s a violent, disruptive process that shakes the ground, making me feel sick to my stomach and weak in my legs.

So to keep my mind occupied, I decided to write this post about change.

If you’ve read THE SPIRIT FACTOR, you know it’s about creating exponential change in our lives and in the world so we can live to our full potential individually and collectively.

So you might think it’s strange that I find change challenging.

But I’m in no way ashamed to admit that I do. I think it’s completely normal and natural to feel this way, and it is important for all of us to understand this.

I feel too many people in the self-help and personal development worlds have been remiss in covering this point because they’ve sold people on easy and effortless philosophies that promise bliss in every situation, setting them up for disappointment and failure.

But THE SPIRIT FACTOR is different from these philosophies! We will never tell you that change or transformation is easy or that your participation or action is not required.

Make no bones about it, change is hard physically, emotionally, and spiritually, even when it’s good or necessary.

Change is scary, noisy, disruptive, uncomfortable, and also sweaty, snotty, and messy, as I say in our book. In addition, there will be people who will get mad at you for making changes in your life if they feel they will be affected by them.

Even when change has a positive effect on us and our lives, we can still grieve for how things once where or for what we’ve let go of or lost because the energetic shift created by change can leave a tangible void that feels awkward and unfamiliar.

This is why many times we will avoid making changes in our lives at all costs. It’s why so many people stay in unfulfilling jobs or relationships, and so much more.

When I look back at the times I’ve made major changes in my life—ending a 13-year-long abusive relationship, leaving the security of a job I had been at for over a decade to pursue my creative dreams, and when Michael and I sold almost everything we owned and moved from Southern California to our current home in northeastern Washington 1,200 miles away—I remember how scared I felt, how out of control things seemed, and how I desperately longed to feel the comfort of a familiar routine and environment again.

What I tried to remember today, as the energetic shift took place on our property, is that what I’m feeling is only temporary and is just a part of the process of making positive changes in my life.

If you are in the middle of creating change or getting the courage to make changes in your life, I hope you remember this and find strength and courage in knowing it.

I am honored to share this journey with you, fellow traveler, and know that we are on our way to creating better lives for each of us and a better world for all of us.

Intuition: The Highest Form of Intelligence

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

The link below is to an interesting article and video on the subject of intuition. The incredible moment Michael and I had on the evening of February 20, 2008 that inspired THE SPIRIT FACTOR was definitely an intuitive experience.

In an instant, we gained amazing insight into and clarity on life’s biggest questions and problems, somehow knowing their answers and solutions, not intellectually but in every cell of our bodies.

The scientist in this video mentions that these “strange thoughts” can come out of nowhere and we “know they are correct.” And they did … and we knew.

After that moment of inspiration on February 20th, Michael and I made it our purpose to understand what we’d experienced and put into words what we suddenly “knew.”

It took us 9 years to accomplish this, but we feel THE SPIRIT FACTOR will give the people who read it the same “knowingness” we experienced that night and help them create moments like the one we had by removing the eleven obstructions to spirit we identify and explain in our book.

Yes, these moments can be created, and the more we individually and collectively create them, the better our lives and world will become.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.


The Power of Our Environment to Change Us Now … and for Generations

Below is a link to a fascinating little article about how our environment has the power to effect us genetically, and how that environmental genetic change is passed down through generations. This is called “environmental epigenetic inheritance.”

While we truly are a “product of our environment,” it turns out we are a product of our ancestors’ environments, too.

I talk about the importance of environment in Chapter 15 of THE SPIRIT FACTOR–how it is the deciding factor in whether something lives or dies, grows or withers, evolves or stays the same, and how it can literally change the shape of our entire physical and emotional beings–but this article goes beyond its immediate impact on us, showing that our environment has a generational impact.

Take a moment to think about all the possibilities and pitfalls of that.

Think about the descendants of Holocaust survivors and slaves, children of rape victims and domestic violence survivors, etc.

I’m sitting here a bit speechless, not quite able to fully comprehend how this new information will change my perception of me, others, and every living thing on our planet.

I love when I’m exposed to research and data that does this! We should never be afraid to expose ourselves to new information that challenges our beliefs and perceptions.

This is how we grow as human beings and evolve as a species.

Saving Our Planet and Us through Sustainable Farming and Food

Please take the time to watch the documentary “SUSTAINABLE” on Netflix (see link to trailer below)! It is well done and so beautiful and inspiring!

I was moved to tears by the farmers, chefs, and bakers interviewed in the film and the selfless work they are doing. They are true examples of spirit!

They’re working every single day to make our world better but don’t crave attention or the spotlight for what they do.

They are visionaries who strive to protect the planet we depend on to live, trying to leave it better for future generations through organic, sustainable farming, while making sure people have access to healthy, nutrient-dense food not only today but also thousands of years from now.

In the Obstructions section of THE SPIRIT FACTOR, the first obstruction I discuss is Our Health and Food because of the significance they play in our ability to create the lives we want and live to our full potential.

Our health truly depends on what we eat, and if we lose our health, we lose our freedom … and sometimes even our lives. We also destroy the health of our planet through factory farming and agriculture that depletes and poisons the earth.

Unfortunately, much of the “food” sold in grocery stores in the United States is highly processed and filled with fat, salt, sugar, and preservatives.

This “food” lacks nutritional value and is the culprit in many preventable diseases that the majority of our population now suffers and dies from.

We are literally malnourished and starving to death from this nutrient-void food even though so many people are obese.

Our bodies continue to tell us that they’re struggling, but it’s hard to break free from these foods that are so aggressively marketed to us and intentionally made with addictive ingredients.

In a way, I think many of us have forgotten what real food looks and tastes like. But this documentary reminds us.

I have to tell you, my insides ached when I watched the love that the farmers put into their fields, the chefs put into their food, and the bread baker put into his handmade breads.

My body and spirit are STARVING for this kind of real food that is made with such love, and I plan on looking for ways to support those who grow, cook, and bake it.

Maybe if enough of us do this, we can not only create healthier lives but also a healthier world for all of us!

Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Light that Continues to Remind Us that We Still Have Darkness to Fight


I took a walk with our dog Amber this morning.

After a week of dreary weather the clear blue sky filled with the sun’s warmth was a welcome companion on our walk.

Amber, who turns 13 years old in a few days, had a little extra skip in her step because of the weather and was in no hurry to return home.

We took our time walking to the lake and around our neighborhood.

I was happy watching her sniff and collect valuable data from the tracks and pee and poop left in the snow by the critters who had wandered the path before us during the night and early morning hours.

But I found myself pondering some things, too.

Before we left on our walk, I was watching a TV show while bundling up for the 20-degree temps outside that persisted in spite of the sun.

I was lacing up my snow boots when, in honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday today, the show played part of an interview with Dr. King from decades ago.

What he was saying and how he was saying it made me stop what I was doing, sit still, and listen, even though Amber was making it clear she was ready to go for a walk.

Dr. King’s words were so pure they seemed to come directly from the heart of spirit, where truth and beauty live, and were communicated without being exposed to or distorted by any limiting or judgmental human beliefs.

And they were spoken with a passion and grace that so few in history have possessed.

Literally, my breath was taken away and tears streamed down my face as I listened to him speak.

Every fiber of my being has missed and longed for words like his and for the spirits who so courageously speak them.

I suddenly became aware that subconsciously I am constantly searching for this kind of substance, depth, power, and truth in the world yet seldom find it.

Our world is filled with mediocrity, and with many false prophets who are out to further their interests and fortunes at the expense of others, willing to lie, obstruct, and deceive to accomplish their self-serving and self-preserving agendas.

To be honest, watching these people and the pain and suffering they’re inflicting day in and day out has affected me—to what extent I’m not sure of.

But I do know that I have been struggling.

I know many of you have been struggling, too.

When we are starved of substance and light, literally and figuratively, we often forget that they exist and end up settling for emptiness and darkness.

When this happens, we can fall into a state of despair, believing that they are gone forever.

Only when we once again feel their nourishment and embracing warmth do we realize how terminal the darkness felt.

It is a dark time in our country.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had many moments when I’ve felt that goodness and light might not stand a chance of surviving let alone flourishing.

But today, not just because of the beautiful sunny weather but also because it’s a day that we take time to remember and honor Martin Luther King, Jr., I’m reminded of the power of light, and character and substance … and for standing up for what’s right and the possibilities that exist when we do.

Listening to Dr. King speak this morning, reminded me of the privilege I’ve had because of the color of my skin.

I’m a second-generation American.

Both my maternal and paternal grandparents immigrated from Europe to this country in pursuit of better lives.

Because of the fairness of my skin, I am considered to be “white.”

I am truly fortunate to have no idea what it feels like to be judged and treated differently because of the color of my skin; and I am privileged to not have to face discrimination due to my skin color on a daily basis.

I know this.

With that said, I do have people (white people), many of whom are complete strangers, make assumptions about who I am and what I believe based on the color of my skin.

Many feel safe to openly and unapologetically express their racism to me, believing that I share their views simply because we have the same skin color.

I can’t count the number of times these people have used racist names and made derogatory comments when they’re talking to me about people of color, including Martin Luther King, Jr. and former president Barack Obama.

Each time this has happened, I’ve been stunned not only that so many people still have such racist views but also that they believe that simply because I share the same skin color with them that I share their beliefs.

I’ve confronted some of these people, but I’m ashamed to say there have been other times I’ve remained silent.

I’m not proud of this.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

For me, I know the times I’ve stayed silent when something “mattered” have chipped away at my spirit.

Conversely, the times when I’ve spoken up, I am proud of and have never once regretted.

Even though I’ve been scared the times I’ve done this, I remember feeling a deep internal peace assuring me that I was, without a doubt, doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t have a great track record for “doing the right thing.”

The times when groups that have been discriminated against or marginalized gained rights, it’s because they, and many others, have fought long and hard for those rights.

While we’ve come a long way as a country, we still have a great distance to go.

This is evident in our politics and in our lives.

In “Standing Up for Spirit,” which is Chapter 34 in my book THE SPIRIT FACTOR, I talk about how important it is for us to individually and collectively stand up for spirit—in other words, for what’s right.

I start this chapter with the following quote from Dr. King: And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it’s right.


Today, as we are reminded of the sacrifices Dr. King made and the change that happened and continues to happen because he did, let’s begin to find the courage to stand up for what matters and for what’s right because it IS and always will be the right thing to do.

Thank you Dr. King for continuing to remind us to dream big and to fearlessly pursue that dream with every fiber of our beings!

I’ll end this post with the quote from Dr. King that I ended the “Standing Up for Spirit” chapter with: Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.

Marie Kukula-Tyner

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is a completely new and revolutionary philosophy — based on the simplicity, intelligence, and wisdom of nature — that provides us the tools to tap into the limitless potential of the human spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR helps you identify, understand, and remove the eleven most-common obstructions to spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Truth Be Told: How Spirit Can Use Us Even During the Darkest Times

here i stand in front of you 2

I came across something I wrote almost 9 years ago while my husband Michael and I were just beginning a battle with evil that would last almost 5 years.

The fight almost killed both of us, physically and spiritually.

We learned how truly evil people can be, and how they will lie, and continue to lie, even when there is a mountain of evidence proving that they are not telling the truth.

Witnessing evil up close opened our eyes to a world that we didn’t know existed.

But this experience gave us some very valuable information that turned into the “Understanding Evil Energy” section of THE SPIRIT FACTOR, which is one of the most important parts of the book and the one I get the most comments on from readers.

This experience also gave me one of the favorite poems I’ve ever written: Truth Be Told.

Below is what I wrote nine years ago when this poem came to me.

While I wrote this in 2010, it’s surprising that it seems even more relevant today.

Here it is:

— I don’t hate many things, but there is one thing I do hate—liars.

I’m amazed how they can look us in the eyes and say something they know is not true, expecting us to believe them, and how angry they get when we have the “nerve” to call them out and question them.

Their anger is a coward’s way of trying to intimidate us into submission so we don’t dare question them again.

These insecure bullies waste our time, energy, and money, cause suffering and harm, keep us at war with each other, and hold back progress and the evolution of our species.

Because of the craziness that’s going on in the world and around me right now, liars and, most importantly, the truth, have been on my mind.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the truth is always there, even when we ignore it, try to look around it, or pretend that it’s not, and how lonely the truth must be.

We can’t change the truth, deny it, or claim that it’s ours, so why do we try to?

With all this on my mind lately, it was no surprise that I woke up at 3:00 am the other night with words swirling around in my head.

Liars and truth were on my mind when I went to bed, and I must have carried them into my dreams because when I woke up, I not only heard but also saw the words “Truth Be Told.”

I knew this was the title of a poem I would be writing, I just didn’t know I would be writing it at that moment.

I tried to go back to sleep, but the words in my head started turning into sentences.

The first complete sentence was: Here I stand in front of you, waiting to be told.

I knew I was hearing truth’s voice.

And I knew it was giving me an important message that needed to be told.

But, to be honest, I wanted to stay in bed.

I was tired, it was cold in the house, and our bed was warm.

I told myself to remember the words that were coming to me so I could write them down in the morning.

But truth was having none of it!

The words kept coming, and before I knew it, I was sitting at our dining room table with a notepad and pen jotting down the words that were coming to me faster than I could write them down.

I felt as though truth had pulled me out of bed, put my feet on the floor, walked me to the table, and said, “Write!”

So I wrote for the next hour.

During that time, I heard words and saw images.

One of the clearest images was of a person I did not recognize sitting in a chair, their hands bound and and a piece of twisted up fabric in their mouth that was tied at the back of their head.

This image gave me these words: Held hostage, bound and gagged, waiting to hear my fate. Hoping you pay my ransom before it’s much, much too late.

It was one of those moments that we creative people live for; when we get out of the way and spirit takes over.

It no longer mattered that it was 3:00 am or that I was tired and cold.

I was in the creative flow and it felt amazing!

I was buzzing with creativity for that hour then it quickly faded.

Truth was done talking to me.

The energy changed, and I was ready to go back to bed.

Before I did, I looked at the poem on the notepad in front of me with complete amazement.

The three words that woke me at 3:00 am had turned into a complete thought and a finished poem in an hour.

Truth spoke, and I listened.

I tippie toed back into our bedroom, doing my best to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake Michael and our two dogs.

But as I slipped into bed, Michael woke up and asked if I was okay.

I told him I was, and that I had just written a poem.

He said, “Great! I can’t wait to hear it!”

When I started to recite the poem to him, he said, “I meant in the morning.”

I tried to sleep for a few more hours but wasn’t successful.

I was so excited about the poem, the amazing experience I had writing it, and the moment I would get to share it with Michael that I barely slept a wink.

Here is the poem:

Truth Be Told

Here I stand in front of you, waiting to be told
Longing for the moment that you look inside my soul

Lost between two sides and promises never meant to keep
Treated like an outcast, like a beggar in the street

Held hostage, bound and gagged, waiting to hear my fate
Hoping you pay my ransom before it’s much, much too late

I’m lonely hear, alone, standing in what’s right
Growing weary of the battle, I feel I might be losing this fight

You think I haven’t noticed that you won’t look me in the eyes
But when you lie to truth, I will never take your side

Even when denied, I will never go away
Here I stand in front of you, and that’s where I plan to stay

So patiently I’ll wait for you to fall in love with me again
For I am the one, the only one, that matters in the end —

Below are the pages from my notebook from the night I wrote Truth Be Told

truth be told notes from book

This poem and the “Understanding Evil Energy” section of THE SPIRIT FACTOR are perfect examples of how spirit can inspire and use us to create something meaningful and valuable, even during the darkest times.

We just have to be willing to participate.

I am! Are you?

Marie Kukula-Tyner

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is a completely new and revolutionary philosophy — based on the simplicity, intelligence, and wisdom of nature — that provides us the tools to tap into the limitless potential of the human spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR helps you identify, understand, and remove the eleven most-common obstructions to spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.



Spirit and the Addict


A few weeks before Christmas, I spent a Sunday running errands in town.

As I was leaving one of the stores I had stopped at, carrying a heavy box, I noticed an extremely thin, young man leaning against a car that was parked almost nose to nose with mine.

He was dressed in torn, faded jeans, a baseball cap, and a dark zip-up sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his cap since it was cold outside.

He had a cigarette in one hand and some kind of iced coffee drink in the other.

When I set the box I was carrying on the hood of my car so I could reach into my coat pocket to get my keys, our eyes met.

When they did, the young man asked how I was doing.

I smiled at him and said, “Okay,” then opened the back passenger door of my car and put the box on the seat.

After I closed the car door, I asked him how he was doing.

“Stressed!” he replied.

Almost every spot in the parking lot was taken, and there were people heading in and out of the stores and restaurants that surrounded the lot. Holiday shopping was in full swing!

Assuming he was stressed over the holidays, I said, “Yeah, the holidays can be stressful.”

“No, life can be stressful,” he responded.

“Yep, life can definitely be stressful!” I said lightheartedly.

Then, to my surprise, he said, “Especially when you’re an addict trying to get clean.”

I had more stops to make so I was in a hurry to be on my way, but when the young man said this, I stopped, looked him in the eyes, and started talking to him.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know anything about this person who had just confessed to me, a total stranger, that they were an addict.

But the pain this human being was feeling was real, present, and palpable.

I could see it not only in his eyes but also in his body and posture.

He was simply broken, hanging on by a very frayed thread that could completely fall apart at any moment.

The young man eagerly began talking, jumping from thought to thought, seeming happy to have someone listen to him.

He shared with me how he wanted to get clean, but was also honest in saying that he was happy “getting high.”

The internal battle he was fighting became an external one as he spoke, his words giving me a glimpse of the demons that haunted him and that he struggled with every day.

My heart felt nothing but compassion and empathy as I listened to him.

Although I’ve never struggled with any drug addictions, I’ve faced some major health and personal challenges in my life, and I know what it’s like to feel that you might not ever overcome, or even survive, them.

He told me that he knew the right thing to do was get “clean” because it would make his family happy.

I told him I believed he could get clean and stay clean if he had the right support and counseling.

He wasn’t so sure, though.

He looked down at the ground and said, “My family is really disappointed in me,” then got quiet.

After a momentary pause, he looked up, his eyes filled with tears and his voice quivering, and said, “My sister said my spirit has already died.”

Out of everything this young man said to me, I could tell that his sister’s words cut the deepest and affected him the most.

I could also tell that he believed her.

I know many people believe, without question, that everything happens for a reason, but I’m not one of them.

I believe that there is a randomness to life and the world we live in, and that there are many elements and factors at play that can lead to moments that seem divinely planned or destined to occur.

But for me, when some synchronicity happens — when I’m in the right place at the right time or cross paths with someone whom it seems I’m destined to meet — I find wonder and amazement that out of this big ol’ world with billions of people in it that these magical moments happen.

So, when this young man, who had absolutely no idea that I had spent 9 years of my life writing a book about spirit, said to me that his sister thought his “spirit had already died,” I couldn’t help but stand there in complete awe at the perfection of our meeting.

I knew that this young man’s spirit had not died, and I assured him of this.

When I did, I could see a shift in his body’s energy and something in his eyes change.

The words I spoke seemed to fan a few barely smoldering embers of spirit that were hiding in some tiny place deep inside this broken being, and that were in grave danger of dying out, possibly forever.

In that moment, I saw spirit reignite in his eyes, and knew for sure that spirit had not only NOT died in him … but also that it truly wanted to live.

I don’t know if it will or not.

But what I do know is that for a brief moment this struggling addict knew that his spirit had not died, too, and maybe this momentary “knowingness” will provide him with the inspiration, courage, and strength he needs to move in the direction of healing and live — one day, one moment, at a time.

Words are powerful. They have the ability to ignite or extinguish spirit in us and in others.

A few words spoken can inspire someone for a moment, or for a lifetime.

Even so, continued support is needed to take a moment of inspiration and create long-term, sustaining change from it.

I hope this young man gets what he needs, both from himself and others, to accomplish this.

As or conversation ended, the young man was visibly moved. He walked over to me, shook my hand, looked me in the eyes and thanked me for taking the time to talk with him.

I got a bit choked up when he did, feeling that my words were heard and that they truly mattered to him.

In THE SPIRIT FACTOR, I talk about moments like these – moments of spirit, or as I call them, SPIRIT FACTOR moments, and how they can happen anytime and anywhere, even in a parking lot with an addict on a Sunday afternoon.

The great thing is, once we understand these moments, we don’t have to wait for them to randomly occur; we can take part in creating them throughout our day by connecting on a deeper level with the people in our lives – and also with those whom we randomly meet.

Crossing paths with this struggling addict reminded me of this.

It also reminded me of something I wrote in “Being IT”, which is the final chapter of THE SPIRIT FACTOR, that is important to remember when the challenges we face seem terminal and problems seem permanent.

Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

— Through transformation within you and me and us, we can collectively create a masterpiece—a world of Unobstructed Spirit (US)—an incredibly beautiful world that we will get to live in every day. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, the odds are stacked against us. But the beauty of spirit is that, even when the odds are stacked against it, it will keep doing what it’s doing. Even when the prognosis is terminal, it will work to overcome obstructions and heal, as its nature is to live. —

But even though spirit always moves in the direction of life, it needs the right environment and support to continue to do so.

And since we are spirit, our nature is to move in the direction of life, too, but we also need the right environment and support.

This can be a challenge. Many times our environments have become toxic due to physical and emotional obstructions that hinder, harm, or completely handicap us.

Unfortunately, these obstructions can become terminal. But they seldom kill us instantly; most often we die from them in increments, experiencing “small deaths” that seem insignificant at the time they occur.

Yet these small deaths can prove to be fatal over time, each one chipping away at the core of who we are, smothering our spirits and starving them of the much-needed oxygen they need to survive.

In the parking lot on that Sunday afternoon, I could see that the young addict had suffered many “small deaths,” as so many of us have, and his spirit, while not dead, was struggling to live.

I’ve thought a lot about him since we crossed paths, and I hope with all my heart that he doesn’t give up.

I hope he finds the strength, courage, and support he needs to overcome his addictions and free himself from the demons that are holding him and his spirit hostage.

I know he has a chance to change is life, and I know that his spirit will do its part to help him.

Whatever struggles or challenges you’re facing, please remember that your nature is to move in the direction of life. If you’re not, I encourage you to look for obstructions that are preventing you from doing so.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR can help you identify, understand, and remove the eleven most-common obstructions to spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is a completely new and revolutionary philosophy — based on the simplicity, intelligence, and wisdom of nature — that provides us the tools to tap into the limitless potential of the human spirit.

THE SPIRIT FACTOR is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Lessons from the Autumn Leaves

Fall is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. While I love all four seasons, I have to say that fall is by far my favorite.

I love the clear, crisp days and cold nights fall brings that transform the leaves on the trees from their summertime shades of green to vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow before they are shed for good. I love seeing the white spots fade on the fawns we had the joy and privilege to watch grow over the spring and summer from adorable wobbly-legged newborns to nearly self-sufficient deer. And I love watching nature prepare for winter, gathering and storing food and fattening up so it has reserves to live on during the cold months ahead. Nature amazes me with its intelligence!

There is a rhythm in nature, and when you observe it every day like we do, you feel this rhythm, especially so when the seasons change. In the mountains where we live, this change can happen in a very short period of time—sometimes in as little as a few seconds. I experienced this years ago on a walk through the forest one September morning with my husband Michael and our dogs, when a gentle breeze went from warm to cold as it passed by me. I literally felt the exact moment that summer ended and fall arrived. I remember saying to Michael, “Summer’s gone.” He agreed because he felt the change of seasons in the breeze, too.

I’m in awe of how nature so gracefully moves from one season to the next with such ease and acceptance, gently letting go of the old and embracing the new, never trying to hold on to “what was” because it fears “what will be.” Unfortunately, so many of us humans tend to hold on to the past, unwilling to let go of people, places, and things, even when they are holding us back or preventing us from evolving.

But trees know that it is necessary to shed their old leaves to survive the winter, because if they didn’t the weight of the snow that would accumulate on them would surely break their branches. The trees also know that they have to let go of their leaves in order to prepare for new growth in the spring.

So this fall, as we watch the trees shed their leaves, let it remind us of how important and necessary it is to let go of that which has had its “season” in our lives. And let’s be inspired by nature, who so intelligently knows that you have to let go of the old in order to begin something new.

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Autumn Leaves w TSF