Picture of Us for Back Cover
Marie Kukula-Tyner, Michael Tyner and Amber

If you can’t find the book you need, write it. So that’s exactly what Marie Kukula-Tyner, along with her husband Michael Tyner, did after becoming disillusioned with religious and self-help philosophies.

Marie and Michael went on an over eight year journey to understand spirit in a new, accessible, and all-inclusive way, challenging not only their lifelong beliefs and perceptions about it but also the world’s beliefs and perceptions about it. The result of the Tyners’ journey is THE SPIRIT FACTOR: REALITY-BASED SPIRITUALITY—a book that redefines spirit and spirituality in a relevant and realistic way, examines the potential and possibilities that exist to create exponential change in our lives, and in the world, when we remove obstructions to spirit, and guides the reader through the process of creating a life of what the Tyners call “Unobstructed Spirit (US).”

The personal stories Marie and Michael so honestly share about their everyday experiences that led to profound discoveries about spirit are an inspiration and proof that spirit is always available to us. Powerful, thought provoking, and (r)evolutionary, THE SPIRIT FACTOR finally makes creating a life and a world of spirit possible.

The Tyners call the SPIRIT FACTOR their “love letter to mankind” and a “howl out to their pack.” Will you answer their call?

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